Sheenbio Co., Ltd.

Usability, Visual Design & Aesthetic
From my point of view, it seems like many companies never take design seriously due to the corporate culture in Taiwan. My aim is to change this conventional thinking habit in the later future.
Say goodbye to a neither useful nor attractive website!
Role Front-End Developer / Solo Designer
Platform Desktop, Tablet, Mobile Web
Team 2 Developers, 1 Web Designer
Tools Sublime Text, Sketch, Invision, Zeplin
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UPDATE - Dec.2018, Redesigned Sheenbio former website since 2005, describing Sheenbio's expansion has grown.

Project Brief

Sheenbio is a Taipei-based Taiwanese company, selling health and nutrition related products. I was involved with Sheenbio during it’s conception, providing design and responsive front-end development. I continue to work with Sheenbio as front-end developer and web designer, co-ordinating with the back-end development teams to produce a strong user experience website. The company’s website is rich with content and delivers effective messaging through the unique use of imagery, video and content. I have been developing and maintaining Sheenbio web property for a year.

Over the last two years, Sheenbio has grown rapidly. In late 2018, Sheenbio continues to grow with further investment and move toward a large rebranding.

Web Design Process

Web Design
The goal for the Sheenbio website design was to ensure that maximum focus is on the clear and effective message, with SEO best practices in mind from the very start.
RWD Layout
Having a responsive layout ensures that the website will resize to fit any screen like desktop, laptop and tablet or mobile device.
Website of Sheenbio has been optimised for SEO based on their specific keywords. All of images, content and the complete structure of the website has been optimised for best SEO practices.

Strong User Experience

My approach as front-end developer for Sheenbio is to advocate for the user, and by putting the user first, we achieve business goals as a result. These are our goals:
・ What the business aims to achieve and how that effects users.
・ User expectation and how users interact with this business website.
・ Tools such as Google Analytics has given insights into users, and we can learn about     how they behave and interact with Sheenbio website toinfluence beneficial changes       we can make to the website.